Three Venezuelan nationals arrested in Trinidad for possession of gun, ammo

The sub-machine and ammunition

Southwestern Division police arrested three Venezuelan nationals for possession of a sub-machine firearm and ammunition on Saturday.

The men, ages 20, 23 and 25, were held during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the division at daybreak.

Police said the men were found hiding in a house at Icacos Village, Cedros.

The officers searched the premises and found a Kel-Tec Sub 2000, one magazine, 264 rounds of 9mm ammunition and 87 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition.

The firearm and ammunition were stashed in a crocus bag, police said.

The three suspects were taken to the Cedros police station.

On Tuesday, 11 illegal immigrants were captured in Erin.

The arrests were made after a video was posted on social media showing people jumping off a fishing boat and wading to the shore at a beach in Erin.

The seven foreign men and four foreign women were found at a hotel in Erin.

Police said there were eight Venezuelans, one Guyanese and two Syrians.

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