Trinidad: Contractor killed in accident while working under truck

Killed: Robert Cupid with his daughter Nicole. Source: Facebook

(Trinidad Express) Contractor Robert Cupid was crushed under of his company’s trucks on Saturday.

His son made a desperate attempt to save his father. It ultimately failed.

Cupid, of Santa Cruz, was the owner of Lounick Transport.

He was working under one of his vehicles, a 10-tonne truck, when it fell.

The truck under which Robert Cupid was crushed

Cupid’s son, Nicholas, was witness to the what happened at around 1:20 p.m Saturday.

Nicholas Cupid said his father was well-known for being a jack of all trades, and while conducting mechanical repairs to the truck, it suddenly fell, pinning him beneath it.

Nicholas said both him and workers rushed to pull Robert out but could not.

A crane had to be used to lift the truck off Cupid.

Nicholas said his father was still breathing when he was taken to a medical facility in St Joseph.

However, his injuries were too severe. He died.

Nicholas Cupid his father was a caring, compassionate man who was a mentor to many.

“He worked hard to make sure we had a good life. He came from a life of hardship and worked to make sure that his family had all that we wanted.

It wasn’t just family. He was kind to others as well. He would go out of his way to help others. He was in every sense of the word a light and an upstanding person. I know he has gone to heaven because of the life he lived, the right path he followed and for the type of person he was”.

Nicholas said: “His wish was to travel. He would say that he has accomplished all that he could here and his next step was to travel. He was planning of going to the United States next year. He was an exceptional person and we miss him terribly. We are all trying to process his loss because he is very much a pillar to the community and to our lives.”

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