Trinidad: Man killed after identifying criminals in Facebook video post

Murdered: Kevon Richardson, 37

(Trinidad Express) A Princes Town man who was shot in both legs by police two months ago was found dead near his home on Tuesday.

Kevon Richardson, 37, was killed hours after he posted a video to his Facebook page identifying persons involved in illegal activities in the community.

Richardson was shot in the head.

His body was discovered near his Lothians Road home at around 1am.

His brother, Marlon Douglas, said Richardson posted a video to his Facebook page shortly before midnight. “He called the named of people involved in drugs and I think someone was waiting for him. He was on his way home when he was shot twice.”

Richardson lived downstairs his mother’s home.

“My mother and step father heard the shots and they thought it was fire crackers. Then some boys were walking on the road and saw my brother’s body. My brother not perfect but he was not a bad person,” he said.

Crime Scene Investigators prepare to remove the body of Kevon Richardson.

Richardson was not married and had no children.

In September, Richardson was shot on both legs by police officers who responded to a dispute at the family’s home.

The shooting was recorded on a cell phone and posted to social media.

Police said the Richardson refused to comply with the officers orders and resisted arrest.

Richardson was treated at hospital and then appeared before a Princes Town Magistrate charged with resisting arrest.

He was granted bail.

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