Trinidad: Passenger bus joyride wreaks havoc in Chaguanas

(Trinidad Express) A woman was critically injured when a thief commandeered a PTSC passenger bus in Chaguanas in the pre-dawn hours of Monday, and crashed into her house.

The suspect, a 55-year-old man, is also in hospital being treated for injuries.

The bus was taken from PTSC’s terminal located near the Chaguanas Police Station.

The driver took off the wrong way on the one-way Chaguanas Main Road.

The bus struck a garbage truck. The truck crashed into a store front.

The bus destroyed a pick up van while the owner was distributing the daily newspaper. The pick up van was destroyed.

By the time police responded, the bus had crashed into the house at Cashew Gardens.

The homeowner told TV6 “I hearing bang, bang, so I wanted to know what was happening. When I come out, I see this bus inside of (the house)”.

The man said the bus struck the bed on which his 37-year-old daughter Carla was sleeping.

“She gone underneath the bus”.

“Everything mash up in the house” said the man who said he could not believe that a bus could be stolen.

“It must have a guard there” he said.

He said the family had nowhere to sleep and something had to be done urgently.

The Express tried contacting PTSC but there has been no immediate response.

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