Trinidad hunter killed cop, thinking he was wildlife

Dave Raghonanan

(Trinidad Express) Police officers are expected to be advised by the Director of Public Prosecutions for a recommendation on whether charges can be laid against a man held after the fatal shooting of a police officer in the Blanchisseusse forest last Thursday night.

The suspect, a 35 year old man, spent the weekend at the Barataria Police Station.

Police constable Dave Raghonanan was sitting near a tree when he was allegedly shot by a member of a group on a hunting trip.

One of the hunters allegedly saw the glimmer in the eyes of Raghonanan, 35, and shot him in the face shortly before midnight.

Raghonanan was airlifted out of the forest on Friday morning and taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he was pronounced dead.

Police said the suspect did not have a Firearm Users’ License to carry the 12 gauge shotgun used in the shooting, and was expected to be charged with possession of firearm and ammunition.

Investigations into the shooting are being carried out by officers of Homicide Region I.

Detectives took statements from the hunting party and returned with them to the location of the incident for them to explain how it happened.

Raghonanan, of Diamond Village, San Fernando, and seven other men had gone on a hunting trip at Petite Tacarique, Paria.

Petit Tacariqe Bay is located on an isolated islet off Blanchisseuse, which can only be accessed via boat or helicopter.

What happened

At around 10 p.m. Thursday the constable and three other men on the trip left their lodge to go out into the forest to hunt.

Police said members of the trip told them that Raghonanan and the others were hunting under cold conditions on the isolated forested island, when he got a cramp.

Police were told that Raghonanan’s fellow hunters placed him against a tree to rest, and continued their hunt.

However, the alleged shooter saw the glimmer in Raghonanan’s eyes and fired a shot, which struck him in the face.

A member of the hunting team returned to the camp and told the four others of the incident, and they contacted authorities.

Around midnight officers attached to the Blanchisseuse Police Station received

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