Trinidad: Cutlass vs gun bar brawl ends leaves one dead

Killed: Stephon Frontin.

(Trinidad Express) A 22 year old man was shot dead just after midnight outside a club in Penal.

Dead is Stephon Frontin, a fisherman and mechanic.

Frontin was liming at a club at SS Erin Road in Batchiya Village when he got into an argument with a man.

Police were told that Frontin went to his car, pulled out a cutlass and confronted the man.

Another man liming outside the club pulled out a gun and fired at Frontin.

Frontin was struck at the back of the head.

He died within minutes.

Police were told the shooter ran out on the road and sped off in a white Nissan Tiida.

Officers of the Penal CID and Homicide Region III responded.

Cpl Deo is continuing investigations.

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