Trinidad PM: Ganja decriminalisation by June 2019

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

(Trinidad Guardian) Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is pleading with the population to educate themselves on the difference between decriminalisation and legalisation of marijuana, saying they are not the same.

Rowley made the point at the opening ceremony of the $1.4 million L’Anse Mitan, Carenage bridge yesterday morning.

Speaking to the media following the ceremony on Government’s proposed legislation to address the decriminalisation of marijuana, which Attorney General Faris Al-Rawis disclosed in the Senate on Tuesday, Rowley said made it abundantly clear that he wanted the population to be fully aware that “there is a big difference between decriminalisation and legalisation.”

“I don’t want any mix-up. We have to be clear in what we are doing. We have committed to decriminalisation. What we are working on now is the method by which and what that represents in terms of the use.”

Public consultation on decriminalisation will begin very early in 2019 Rowley said.

“We expect that by May to June of 2019 the decriminalisation would have been affected.”

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