We should build trust between peoples

Dear Editor,

Many people seem to be negative about Guyana’s prospects for the future. I know where this negativity has come from. It stems from us always hearing about Guyana’s potential only to be let down with a bump.

What if today I say to Guyanese that our Motto of One People, One Nation, One Destiny will one day be the Motto for the whole world under One God? Many people will laugh with derision. How will that be achieved when so much seems to be wrong with our society, they will ask.

We need to look at Guyana’s positives, not just the negatives. Although we have been in a protracted low level conflict mode with each other we have not done so badly as to make our problems insurmountable. We need to focus all our attention on ending the ‘ethnic’ conflict by building trust between peoples. We need leaders like David Granger, Moses Nagamootoo and yes, Bharrat Jagdeo. To clarify, as things stands Bharrat Jagdeo should not be leader of the PPP unless he too is willing to change his ways. Should he choose to do so then I am sure many people will accept him.

Back to Guyana: Everyone seems to want a united Guyana but no one seems to know the way forward. Well the way forward is to start building trust between peoples. Guyana’s true potential is not its resources like oil, gold, timber, sugar, rice, etc. Guyana’s true potential lies in its peoples ‒ a United People. What we are doing is to reunite our people. Then we take what we know about reconciliation into the wider world to teach them.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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