APNU+AFC Councillor has not fulfilled his commitments

Dear Editor,

The much heralded local government elections were touted to be the changing point for residents in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, and the dawn of a new beginning. Residents living in Constituency Number 5 voted for a young APNU+AFC Councillor who campaigned on a platform of ‘Improve drainage/irrigation, Enhance Public Infrastructure, Stimulate Job Creation, Entice Investors, Improve Public Health and Security, Promote Sports, Art, Culture and Empower Youths especially those in the Ghetto’. A massive billboard bearing the candidate’s picture was set up, while smaller leaflets were distributed to residents with these promises.

Editor, we recently read in the national newspaper, that a Georgetown Councillor for Constituency Number 2 highlighted his achievements, and we would be very grateful if the Councillor of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne could do the same. He was the only APNU+AFC Councillor to be elected in the constituency in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne and our hopes were high that he would set an example for the next election due in 2019. Sadly he has been a big disappointment to the people who voted for him based on his promises. Not one commitment has been fulfilled and over the last two years, and we have not heard or seen him in his constituency. The situation in this close knit constituency has gotten worse, with impassable roads, poor security lighting at night, huge bushes all around, regular flooding whenever it rains, garbage all over the place, and not one single programme or project being organised to empower youths as was promised during the campaign.

What is worrying about the situation is that this elected Councillor who is not doing anything for his constituency, finds the time and energy to constantly attack residents who are making huge contributions to the township and get involved in numerous organisations across Berbice. He has somehow found himself involved in cricket, volleyball, athletics and horse-racing among other things. The Mayor of Rose Hall Town, a concerned resident, does not collect his monthly stipend; instead he uses it to develop his township. We would like to advise the Councillor from Constituency Number 5 to do likewise.

Editor, we would like the Councillor to answer the following questions based on his election promises:

a) What events has he organised to promote sports, art and culture in his constituency?

b) What has he done to empower youths and those from the ghetto? He has described himself the spokesperson for those in the ghetto, but apart from talking what has he done?

c) Which investor has he enticed to invest in his area and how much sponsorship has he raised for any programme or project?

d) What has he done to improve public health and security for residents as promised?

e) What programme has he organised to stimulate job creation for youths and can he name one youth that he recommended for a job?

f) What public infrastructure has he enhanced?

g) Why are our drains full of bush and garbage everywhere, when he promised us to improve drainage and have better garbage disposal?

h) Why did his club known as the Rose Hall Town Athletics Club disappear after a few months?

We would like to appeal to the leadership of APNU+AFC to recall this non-performing Councillor and make sure that at the next elections, they select people who talk less and are more action oriented. The same Councillor and his fellow APNU+AFC Councillors owe the Mayor of Rose Hall Town an apology for going on television and making serious allegations. When proven wrong they have simply refused to do the correct thing and apologise.

Yours faithfully,

(Names and addresses provided)

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