Bank has not made my US$1,000 available to me

Dear Editor,

In the first instance up to today no one, repeat, no one, has said anything to me. In the second instance the bank still has my money as in the ‘book’ but it is “unavailable” to me.

Just a recap for those who did not see my original letter which appeared in SN on December 11: On Nov 6 I deposited my United States personal check, and a (US) BOA check in my Republic Bank Guyana account. Up to today (I have the ATM receipt) these funds are “unavailable” to me either here in Guyana and (obviously since Nov 9) in the US also.

As one who worked for decades in the postal system, I am aware of the Post Office Savings Bank. Depositors, in the old days could have gone with their book to any post office and made an ‘on demand’ same-day withdrawal. Larger amount requests were sent by mail to ‘town’ and approved and returned to the local PO. I know this took less than one week! Impatient customers (with the means) could pay for a return telegram for next day payment. (Yes I also know telegraphy).

In the sixties when I got my long leave (vacation), three of us friends went to Trinidad with the  Bookers Coastal vessel Anabisi. It took us two days. Nowadays we fly to Trinidad and arrive in hours. I won’t comment on the then boat trip to London as against airflight nowadays.

So why should the bank keep my money for fifty days and counting in these modern times? Is it that the bank took my approximately US$1000.00 and merged it with so many others and made a fixed deposit transaction? And if so which agency is out there protecting us customers from such predatory practices?

Since there seems no local agency which can assist, I will now be forced to seek some US agency intervention to protect my US money/property.

Yours faithfully,

LA Camacho

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Republic Bank for any comment they might wish to make.

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