At least one person sees need for Mashramani adjustment

Dear Editor,

In 1991, my first year of five in Jamaica, I recall the churches of Jamaica expressing their concern about carnival which was classified as having “too much flesh.” The term speaks for itself.

Mashramani has never gained my attention because I consider it far removed from my expectations of acceptable celebration behaviour. One of our newspapers was very insensitive to some Guyanese who still believe in decency when it published on its front page a group of young ladies scantily attired. Not quite a presentation of value for our young to emulate.

I am proud that there exists in Guyana, at least one person who sees the need for an adjustment in how Mashramani is conducted. I am referring to Ms Tamika Boatswain of the Ministry of Social Cohesion, who informed us that Masramani 2018 will be to “edutain.”

I wish her the best in her endeavour.

Yours faithfully,

Krishna  Nand  Prasad

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