Businessman reaping farmer’s plantains

Dear Editor,

While being in possession of a valid lease to do farming in a specific portion of land in the Essequibo Island area, there was never a problem until it reached the stage of reaping plantains cultivated by me at the location.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no dispute over the lease, but all of a sudden, a wealthy businessman from Wakenaam verbally stopped me from occupying the land and he is now harvesting my plantains. The businessman never showed me any document pertaining to his claim on the land occupied by me. As a peaceful and law abiding person not wanting to get in any trouble, I  had no other choice but to stay away in a situation where I lose all my money and the value of my labour on the preparation and cultivation of the land.

In my humble opinion, the businessman has committed an offence by violating the law, and he should be prosecuted for stealing my plantains or some other offence as provided by statute having regard to the fact that he was not given permission by me to do so.

A report was made at the Wakenaam police station, but what course of action they would take is yet to be determined, and I am appealing to the higher authorities to intervene and favour me with a response on the way forward.

Yours faithfully,

Seenanan Ramprasad

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