Grove/Diamond New Scheme roads need to be urgently fixed

Dear Editor,

Upon acquiring a piece of land some ten years ago in Section A of the Grove/Diamond New Scheme, I assumed that by paying an additional sum for that frontal ‘residential’ area, I would be entitled to a basic convenience such as a passable road. But much to my dismay, this has hardly been the case.

Editor, the images attached are of the infamous ‘Achie Duct’ at First Bridge, Grove. This area has been known for numerous murders and countless robberies as it possesses all the right qualities to entertain criminal activities: large bushy patches ideal for bandits and robbers to lurk and hide; impassable roads to inhibit the escape of victims; and complete lack of lighting at night perfect for rape, murder, stick-ups, threats and stake-outs, inter alia. Editor, police records would attest to the aforementioned activities. How many more lives must be taken before a few lights are installed? Unsuspecting children and workers are robbed there daily. One lady was dragged by her hair and robbed of her handbag and cellular phone recently. These stories were publicized on many occasions in this very newspaper but nothing was ever done.

During my residence in the area, the roads have been fixed about ten times, one time each year; however, never have they lasted more than nine months. This is gross mismanagement and abuse of taxpayers’ monies. I wonder if I should be complaining though, because this time it has been almost two years since the roads have been done. What is the Grove/Diamond NDC doing? How much longer do we have to endure the agony to traversing these roads? When it rains, the holes fill up and the short cut to the main road becomes extremely muddy, so much so that roads become useless.

Editor, during the PPP government, Dr Jagdeo had promised a bridge for vehicles at the shortcut, but nothing was ever done. I hope that this government, through the Grove/Diamond NDC, can at least consider the scores of people (including children) who are forced to use the muddy shortcut every day and urgently fix these roads, which have been in this unbearable state for the longest while.

Yours faithfully,

D Deonarine

Note that the grass and bushes are taller than people. The holes are so deep that the bottom of your vehicle touches upon passing. When it rains, the entire street is flooded.

The shortcut to the main road – covered with mud and grass. Note this is a residential area at the FRONT (first bridge) of the scheme.

(These pictures do not capture the true state of the area as my camera quality is not that good. Hope you can assist in some way to publicize).

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