Bank needs a more efficient customer service

Dear Editor,

Let me convey the frustration created by the Republic Bank Limited, Camp and Robb Street branch on January 12th, 2018. At 12:40 I had left the organization in which I work as the Secretary to renew my Visa card as it is expiring this month. Being the only full-time staff member, the organization had to be closed until I completed my transaction.

In consideration of the fact that businesses have a tendency to fail their customers at times, I decided to ensure that everything was in order. At the counter, I confirmed that I only needed my ID and bank cards for the renewal. At 14:40 hrs, after trembling from waiting that period of time, an employee addressed me in the waiting area. This was only to say that I needed to update my account before I could renew my card.

Republic Bank is supposed to be an entity with a reputation for great customer service. That was not true. Moving from customer 18-25, only because most of the people in between had left and because they turned away a customer after he waited over two hours because he was missing one document, is very unsatisfactory and should be immediately addressed. They displayed no concern or respect for one’s time. I was informed that people just check the information desk. I am not going to walk into a bank, knowing I only need to replace a card, and head to the information desk. I had already confirmed what was needed with ‘their’ staff who advised me. The individual should have said “Is your account updated?” I didn’t know this procedure was required.

Republic Bank needs to implement a more efficient customer service. They should have sent emails out (for one) advising of the system. They also need to implement a system whereby a member of staff or the guard (demonstrated at Citizens Bank) checks to ensure the customers have the necessary documents for their transactions.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)