I am disappointed with the committee set up to discuss issues with coalition partners

Dear Editor,

I am a staunch supporter of the Peoples’ National Congress and I will support my party if they win, draw, or lose; that is how much I love my party and its leadership. But I must confess that since coming to power via the coalition under the banner of APNU, the PNC section has made some terrible blunders, and I can say that I have a right to air my disappointment over the conduct of some of the committee officers set up by cabinet to discuss matters with its coalition partners.

I have listened to Walter Rodney’s ‘Groundings’ on three occasions aired on Channel Nine

and was hurt to learn that the strongest supporter of this coalition, the WPA is being humiliated in such a manner. I call on my party leadership to put its house in order, have the committee and its chairman who thinks that they are powers unto themselves start discussions that are meaningful with their partners, especially the WPA, in order that some sanity can prevail in this coalition of ours. If my party or any of its members is annoyed with me for speaking out I advise them to listen to Walter Rodney’s ‘Groundings’ aired on the 7th January 2018, on Channel Nine. I can easily arrange for a rebroadcast for their benefit.

Yours faithfully,

David Noel

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