GMWO needs to hold an AGM

Dear Editor,

It has been three years since the Guyana Women Miners Organisation has held their Annual General Meeting in contravention of their charter and constitution. I believe it also violates the Friendly Societies Act that governs all NGOs.

It is my understanding that the GWMO has not been audited in this time frame either. So there is no longer any accountability for the funds the organization receives.

It saddens me as a paying member of this organization to see it dying this painful death. The GWMO needs fresh blood; it needs to return to its mandate which is to uplift women in the mining sector. It needs to again bring the mantle against human trafficking and champion the cause of the oppressed. It is no longer the entity that inspired many Guyanese including myself to stand up against modern day slavery.

I write these few words, to draw attention to an entity which was a force for good that has now lost its way. I hope someone in authority can pressure the GWMO to have a general meeting where we are again allowed to choose the leaders in an attempt to put this once stellar organization back on the right track.

Yours faithfully,
M Higgins

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