National tender administration does not have forms which it has advertised

Dear Editor,

The National Procurement and Tender Administration (NPTA) placed advertisements spanning 9 pages on their new Supplier Registration Form, which advised that the forms could be obtained from the NPTA page of the Ministry of Finance website, at the NPTA or by email request to gy.

The NPTA website ‒ ‒ does not have the forms. The Ministry of Finance website ‒ ‒ does not have the forms. And the email address provided does not exist.

Incidentally, the Tender Awards section of the Ministry of Finance website is blank while the last Tender Award Minutes is from March 30, 2017. Why this section is even needed when the information should be on the NPTA website is unknown. That site is a bit better ‒ last tender award is December 4, 2017 and Minutes of Tender openings is December 27, 2017. But only a bit ‒ the tender minutes on the Ministry of Finance website from March 30, 2017 does not exist on the NPTA website. I’m already too frustrated to do a more thorough analysis.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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