There is no provision for the VC to step into the void in the absence of the University Council

Dear Editor,

As a former Registrar and a former Member of Council, University of Guyana, I paid keen attention to the letter from the university’s unions’ to the Sunday Stabroek: ‘The government has not yet appointed a University Council’ (Jan 14). I share their concern with regard to the delay in appointing the council. A particular statement: “the life of the last council expired on 12th July 2017, and as a result the governance of the university has since then been vested in its Vice-Chancellor” gained my attention and is of concern to me. I am not sure as to whether the union is referring to what has actually occurred or to their perception of what occurs in such a circumstance. What I am certain about is that there is no provision for the Vice-Chancellor to step into the void in the absence of a council. It is therefore a gravely mistaken perception if the union perceives that such a provision exists. It is even worse if the Vice-Chancellor has actually assumed the powers of the council. In either circumstance, clarity is required, and if the latter obtains, cessation and rectification are also required. It is my sincere hope that the appointment of the council predates the publication of this letter and that this grave matter of the probable mistaken perception and/or misdeed is dealt with as a matter of urgency.

The citadel of the tutelage of Good Governance has got to be the exemplar of Good Governance, if the proclaimed Renassiance is what it purports to be, inter alia.

Yours faithfully,
Vincent Alexander

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