Is Fyrish water safe for consumption?

Dear Editor,

Since Dr Van West-Charles was appointed the CEO of Guyana Water Inc, I have observed that he has been a very proactive professional who is always on the ground looking at issues affecting the citizens of this country with regard to potable water, and trying his best to alleviate their problems. After all, water is life and that is why I am taking this opportunity to highlight to him a serious issue that is affecting the residents of Fyrish, Chesney, Kilcoy and Albion Front.

The well that is supplying water to residents of these areas is located in the middle of a cemetery in Fyrish, and during the rainy season the cemetery is flooded. Throughout the year the water is of an orange to reddish colour and stains your utensils and clothes. Residents only use the water for washing and bathing, and resort to buying mineral water for drinking purposes. As a former Senior Laboratory Technician of GuySuCo, I have tested the water many times and I have found it to be very acidic with lots of impurities. I have water filters in my home and I have to change them every week because they are blocked with muck that has a dark green colour and lots of impurities.

Like all the residents of these areas I am wondering how safe this water is, and if it is a health hazard. I am therefore appealing to Dr Van West-Charles to look into this matter and safeguard our health by providing us with purified and treated water from the Rose Hall Water Treatment Plant that our fellow Guyanese from Nigg to Port Mourant are enjoying.

Yours faithfully,
Imtiaz Baccus

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