Police charged wrong suspects and say the file on real suspects is lost

Dear Editor,

I was the victim of a shooting incident that occurred in front of my Zorg business premises in Region 2 some time ago.

Around 8pm on November 25, 2015, I was about to close up, but on seeing a regular female customer coming I decided to sit outside and wait for her. On reaching me she sat down and the two of us conversed. She had not yet gone into the shop when I recognized two men both of whom were unmasked ‒ the place was well illuminated. They were running toward me and my sense was that an imminent attack was about to be executed on me.

One of the men ordered me to strip off my jewellery, and I blurted out, “Not these jewellery,” but the other one grabbed my hand and then there was a scuffle which lasted for about five minutes.

One of the bandits had a gun in his hand and he shot me in my left leg. It was then that the other one snatched my 40 pennyweight gold band as well as a gold chain. Three more shots were fired, apparently to scare persons coming to my rescue, and the police later recovered three spent shells.

While at the Suddie Hospital in excruciating pain and very traumatized, a detective corporal showed me some photographs and insisted that I identify two known characters for having committed the crime. The same two men were charged with robbery with violence and remanded, but after I indicated to a Magistrate that they were innocent and wrongfully placed before the court the charge against them was withdrawn. The Magistrate commended me for my honesty.

On my discharge from the hospital immediate contact was made with the then Divisional Commander who was provided with the names of the two prime suspects, and he was told that the police had charged the wrong persons. A further statement was then taken from me and from my understanding, the DPP advised that the last two persons whose names were given be charged, but now the file has gone missing. How come?

I have made umpteen enquiries at the divisional headquarters over the past two years, but it is always the same old tune, ie that the file is yet to be located.

The police need to make diligent efforts to locate the missing file which falls under their responsibility, not as a favour but so justice can take its course.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Fizool Mohamed

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