Rasul’s vote for parking meter contract a betrayal of Team Benschop

Dear Editor,

In response to a few queries concerning the questionable voting by Sunil Rasul, who has cast his personal vote in support of the parking meter contract, I wish to make it pellucidly clear that Rasul has been occupying the council seat illegally since November of 2017, and without the support of Team Benschop.

In fact, it was abundantly clear that his agenda was more about self-aggrandizement, and had nothing to do with the people’s interest, or with Team Benschop’s vision for Georgetown. That said, his vote to support the parking meters, is obviously opportunistic and a betrayal of the group that allowed him the opportunity to serve. Instead, he has teamed up with the City Hall squad to inflict punishment upon residents.

As leader of the group, I apologize to everyone who has given us the opportunity to serve. However, this betrayal and dishonesty by Rasul was unexpected. Hence, we are currently in the process of having him removed from the position, as neither I, nor the group have any confidence in him.

Yours faithfully,
Mark A Benschop
Team Benschop

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