Why so much trepidation about the Indian invitation?

Dear Editor,

Imran Khan wanted to know why the Indian government invited the 20 opposition parliamentarians to India. And then Rickford Burke wrote in support of Mr Khan. His questions were why Guyana’s participation in this conference was necessary, how it benefited our nation, and the reason for the political disparity with respect to the invitations.

If one checks Mr Khan’s Facebook page, one would see that after asking this question, he later went on to post articles on ‘Hindu extremism’(sic) and asked people to think about the implications behind the invitation.

My question is this: why are Messrs Khan and Burke so afraid? What brings so much trepidation to their psyches? Would there have been any such fear had an African nation invited people of African descent to felicitate and bond with them? So why this great fear when India does so?

Yours faithfully,
Mandy Singh

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