When will the access roads at Onverwagt be done?

Dear Editor,

For ten years now the access roads and cross streets at the front compound of the housing scheme at Onverwagt, West Coast Berbice have been neglected. Although residents have been paying their rates and taxes nothing is being done to ensure they can walk in and drive in comfort. The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of this Region seems to be unconcerned about the public servants, teachers, nurses, police officers, welfare officers and doctors who live in the Onverwagt front compound.

Access roads and cross streets in other villages from Cotton Tree to Tempie Village have been rehabilitated over a period of years, but not Onverwagt. The Neighbourhood Democratic Council of Union/ Naarstigheid  has been telling some residents since 2015 that the roads will be rehabilitated ‘next year’.  2016, then 2017 have come and gone, but nothing has been done.

Would the Minister of Commu-nities and the Minister of Public Infrastructure intervene, because apart from the residents there are also government entities such as GWI, the Ministry of Agriculture, NAREI, the GLDA Regional Office and GPL located there, and sometimes they are not readily accessible, especially during the heavy rainy season. The entrance road to these buildings which also serves as the entrance road to the front compound housing scheme at Onverwagt is flooded and hazardous.

Yours faithfully,
Grace Pollydore

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