Hilbert Shields is principled, ethical and fair

Dear Editor,

I have known Hilbert Shields literally all my life. Our friendship started in primary school and has endured four plus decades through thick and thin.  And this I do know: Hilbert is apolitical, colour blind, people-oriented, principled, ethical and fair. No one and no amount of individuals can have me believe otherwise and I do not need to know the realities of his business dealings (although, in fact, I am familiar with most of them) to know beyond any shadow of doubt that nothing in this world can ever lead Hilbert to be or do any of those insidious, mean-spirited things of which he is being accused. My dear friend’s disgust of corruption is uncompromising and he would never ever stain a lifetime’s legacy for a few measly dollars.  I stake my life on this!

Yours faithfully,

Annan Boodram

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