Gratitude for a wonderful visit

Dear Editor,

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit to Guyana from the United States. I write to note the many unplanned instances of warm hospitality that I encountered in my first visit, particularly in Georgetown. Special thanks to Mr. Rahul Singh, Mr. Wesley of Wakenaam Island, Ms. Vanessa Benn, Ms. Kathie, Mr. Julian of Julian’s Guest House, Mr. Christopher George, Ms. Pamela Jerry, Ms. Radica Hunter, Mr. Yogendra Kissoon, Mr. Keith Williams, Dr. Dellon Durga, Mr. Marnix Ross, Esq., Mr. David Bispat, Ms. Perozo, Dr. Iamei Aowmathi and many more. Each of you went above and beyond mere courtesy in some way to share meaningful slices of life in Guyana.

Thank you to the National Trust of Guyana as well for its incredible work to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage. As oil and time bring change, it is my hope that Georgetown will retain a sense of its unique and distinctive architecture – not only the magnificent buildings on the Avenue of the Republic, but also the traditional wooden houses on stilts in the neighbourhoods. Georgetown still has a chance to avoid becoming a place that “could be anywhere else.”

Again, my gratitude for a wonderful visit.

Yours faithfully,

Brad Vogel

New York, New York

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