Schools should display photos of teachers

Dear Editor,

I visited a primary school recently and within minutes I saw impressive traits in my friend, one of the female teachers. She managed to qualify as a teacher while previously attending the Cyril Potter College of Education. She is presently enrolled at the University of Guyana (UG). She used her ambitious nature to obtain a reliable vehicle which she realised would be necessary if she was to cope with her heavy responsibilities and tiresome treks between school, UG and home. It is a recurring monthly effort to pay for the vehicle and to make ends meet.

In her classroom I noticed many teaching aids, some of which I know she regularly bought out of her salary. I noted the photographs of our President, Prime Minister and the Minister of Education. Justifiably, these photographs are displayed. However, I feel it would be so effective and heartwarming if there were a special wall in each school with the photograph of each teacher and their area of expertise. These photographs should be displayed immediately upon entry to the school, the building itself or the auditorium. Teachers are the people whom we trust, more than anyone else besides our families and relatives, with our children. They help to mould these young and fragile people into the human beings they become.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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