Granger should investigate all crimes going back to the PNC era

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to your front page news item on President David Granger’s announcement at the GDF Conference that an investigation is coming into the alleged killings that occurred during the presidency of Bharrat Jagdeo (SN, Jan 26). All unsolved crimes should be investigated and not just those that were committed during the PPP (former President Jagdeo’s) reign. Many of us, including Moses Nagamootoo, Clement Rohee, Moses Bhagwan, Josh Ramsammy, Rupert Roopnaraine, etc, were victims during the campaign for the restoration of democratic rule in Guyana (1968-1992). There must be an investigation into these political crimes.

Investigating killings that occurred during the administration of your political opponents, as President Granger promises, comes across as witch hunting for political reasons. There were countless crimes during the PNC regime. Fairness requires that these crimes also be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

To show he is serious about investigating past crimes and in showing that he is for fair play, running a crime-free administration, and in pursuing justice for the many victims of the PNC dictatorship, President Granger must investigate all crimes going back to when his party was in government. The families of the victims during the PNC era want justice. Equity and justice deserve no less.

Yours faithfully,

Vishnu Bisram

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