Fully support Minister’s position on Bel Air play field

Dear Editor,

With reference to correspondence dated January 22, 2018, from the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan to Mayor of Georgetown Patricia Chase-Green and copied to Councillors, regarding “Green Spaces”, I find the Minister’s views apposite regarding the Bel Air Play Field and by extension the Farnum Play Ground.

I fully support the Minister’s position.

The Mayor and Town Clerk, Royston King have led us Councillors into another faux pas with the citizens of Georgetown and have shown a total disregard for the Municipal and District Councils Act 28:01 which in adumbrating the role of the Council, sets it as the supreme decision making body at the municipal level for the City of Georgetown, our National Capital City.

The Mayor and Town Clerk continue to arrogate to themselves powers and roles which are not prescribed by 28:01. Their actions are deliberate, calculated and continue to damage the image of the Council irreparably.

The issue of Bel Air Play Field and Farnum Play Ground have never come before the Council. Additionally, I wish to bring to the public’s attention “Minutes” to the Social Development Committee, dated January 23, 2018. The “Minutes” in this form is merely a request from the Town Clerk’s office for the Committee to consider a matter. In this instance, for the first time, the Committee is being asked to consider both matters.

In the first instance, the Minutes read: “Minute from the Town Clerk forwarding correspondence from Ms. Mayfield Rodrigues to assist with upgrading and utilizing Farnum Play Ground”. In the second instance, it reads, “Minute from the Town Clerk requesting the committee to address the Bel Air Play Field”.

If the Committee is yet to consider these issues and full Council yet to accept or reject the Committee’s recommendations, why did work on these grounds begin?

I also note with concern the public response of the Mayor to Minister Bulkan’s correspondence. I have thought that some particular parts of his missive, for instance, “I inform you further, that the undertaking by the Council to convert green spaces in residential areas into housing and other commercial ventures does not find favour with central government”, would be enough to allow the Mayor to recalibrate her ill-advised position, to the contrary Her Worship seems more emboldened.

Both Mayor and Town Clerk should resign as they continue to disgrace the Council. In the March 15 election for Mayor, the people of Georgetown through their Councillors cannot, must not re-elect this Mayor.

Sherod Avery Duncan

City Councillor

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