GAWU stalwarts have resolved to prioritize interests and welfare of sugar workers first

Dear Editor,

The political opposition is in some turbulent seas at this time, with captains roaring in rage at heretics who should have been onboard.  In all of this I detect a glimmer of hope on the horizon for the intimidated, beaten down, and those held to ransom.

For the first time in memory, some within the extended party apparatus have decided that enough is enough and that they are not going to take it anymore.  They do so in the face of what is palpably destructive to members; and in defiance of the self-serving sycophants; they are not going to prostrate themselves willingly before the delusional. I am hearing some intrepid men in the sugar workers union, at long last, saying and doing just this.  What Mrs. Janet Jagan and former president Ramotar could not get done, a handful of stalwarts from GAWU have resolved to say to hell with it (and you, too) and embark on a course that prioritizes the interests and welfare of sugar workers first. Repeating for emphasis: doing what is right for the workers; even if this means negotiating with a displeasing adversary; even if this signifies contributing to party rupture; and even if this evidences a willingness to compromise, to give up what little is left to get something possibly enduring.

It is about putting heads together to work together to salvage something together.  There should be no mistake: this is a salvage operation, and not much

treasure promised, other than tabling ways out of the predicament, and carving some path forward. This would represent a departure of some substance.  There was never a heartfelt drive by the leadership of the political opposition to present its sugar worker membership with a real opportunity to start over through self-sacrifice and pragmatic approaches.  Opposition leadership did not dare to think along those lines; neither could it stomach nor afford any progressive ideas that threatened the dependency prison erected.  It is why this dependency has to be defended to the death, even if materially helpful to the impacted workers.  To do otherwise would mean letting go, and leaving no leverage for self.

Now this announced union independence, if allowed its natural footing and path uninhibited could result in a few long-awaited developments, all of which would be for the better.  First, the stranglehold of ruinous party leadership could be significantly loosened and the demise of that self-aggrandizing psychotic crowd following in short order.  Second, there would be the opportunity for a new and improved political brain trust to move workers specifically, and supporters in general in a different direction.  Third, the captive workers do not have to remain willing hostages to the caprices of others who build fortunes on their backs.

I trust that since the union brass has clenched fist and raised finger in defiance, it would set its face like flint and stand ground by pursuing any and all avenues that offer stricken workers some ray of hope, no matter how meagre.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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