GTT is placing false charges on its bills

Dear Editor,

In April, August and September of 2017  I was charged for 2 calls to India in April, l call to Taiwan in August and 4 calls to Taiwan in September.   Not only did I not make these calls, I was also charged with making (2)19 minutes calls on 26/8 (2); 13 mins on 28/8;  (2) 12 mins on 30/8 and (2) 8 minutes on 3/9 all to the US, each time within one or two seconds ‒ yes, seconds within the calls.  How can anyone make two 19, 13, 12, and 8 minutes calls within two seconds is beyond me.  Besides, I would never call the same number (my daughter) every other day within 4 days.  I have been trying, without much success, to have gtt make the necessary adjustment to these ridiculous charges as each month my phone is being disconnected and I have to pay $1000.00 tax reconnection fee in spite of me paying my current charges as I was told to do until gtt can sort things out. Four months have passed and still no significant adjustment has been made.  I pay my utility bills on the 1st or 2nd of the month as they are all within the same area, and since my gtt bill usually arrives around the 15th of the month I average what my telephone bill may be, which is always more than the current charge when I do receive the telephone bill for that month.  I am a pensioner with a bad knee and find it difficult to get around so I try to pay all my utilities at the same time.

Something suspicious seems to be going on at gtt as I am not the only customer being billed with false charges.

Yours faithfully,

Gloria Holder

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