Guyanese should demand corrective action in our public hospitals

Dear Editor,

Who among us can ignore the very touching report by Dr Mark Devonish in yesterday’s SN about the ignominious, downright uncouth, unprofessional and utterly insensitive treatment meted out to him and his family on the occasion of the serious illness and eventual death of his young brother at the Georgetown Public Hospital (‘Sad the way the GPHC treated a terminally ill patient’ Jan 31). All of this resonated with my own recent report of similar maltreatment to myself and others by the staff of the Skeldon Public Hospital.

I was disappointed, but not surprised, by one of the negative reactions to my recommendation that the public hospitals should be ‘privatized’ and the money thus saved be otherwise used by the government instead of paying for the ugly, no-professional services (what a misnomer!) being provided by the constantly demanding staff of these public institutions who are acutely selfcentred rather than service-oriented.

I repeat my prayer and call to my Guyanese compatriots to demand corrective action by the powers that be without much more delay.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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