Rupununi Mining Association needs answers

Dear Editor,

We are distraught to learn of Mr Harmon’s comment regarding the importance of the resolving the Marudi Mountain dispute: “I can’t say that it is something that has engaged the level of Central Government as of right now. It is still a sectoral issue within the Ministry of Natural Resources”. His comment shows that the government is not taking us seriously; thousands of livelihoods depend on this matter being resolved, and does the government not care for their people and our survival?

There are a few issues that we would like to bring to the forefront:

1.In the first place why was Romanex licence suspended?

2.If there was an ongoing issue, why or how was their licence renewed?

3.Has the government received any royalties and taxes since Romanex started operating?

4.If the government knew they were not giving us, the small miners, any access to the mountains to work, why didn’t they say so in the beginning; why are they giving us false hope and prolonging the situation?

We need answers. We are no longer going to sit and wait for talks back and forth that intend to frustrate us even more; we are in a desperate situation and need this matter to be solved immediately!

Yours faithfully,

Marlon Johnson


Rupununi Mining Association



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