No mistakes can be made in ICJ case

Dear Editor,

It is my sincere hope that the team of lawyers who will be representing the country’s border case against Venezuela at the ICJ in the near future does not let key dates slip by as was demonstrated in the Dipcon fiasco that cost the Nation millions of dollars, which would have been handy today for the sugar worker severance.

This case is of utmost importance and no mistakes of this sort should be tolerated for there is much at stake. The ongoing review of progress as it relates to preparation should be made a top priority with a very clear position and understanding of the corresponding counter arguments. The aid of the United Kingdom should be enlisted and a joint position presented so as to ensure clear continuity of the 1899 position, judgment and consistency of the case presented with full historical documentation presented to firmly ground the basis for discussion in the court.

Yours faithfully,

Jamil Changlee

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