Town Clerk’s appeal, destruction of park not sanctioned by full council

Dear Editor,

I write this letter to you in my personal capacity as a citizen of Georgetown, a councillor, and in response to an article carried in yesterday’s Stabroek News (February 3) entitled ‘City council moves for judge’s ruling on Bel Air playground to be set aside.’

My views are not based on a council vote and they are entirely mine.

News of the Town Clerk’s continuation of the court action stopping the city council’s attempt to appropriate the Bel Air Park playground has come as a complete surprise to me, there being no consultation or vote by the council on this matter.

Certainly I have noted Minister Bulkan’s missive indicating that the President and Cabinet are not pleased with the council’s direction as it pertains to the use of recreational open spaces for housing, and I too wholeheartedly support the President’s directive.

I am extremely concerned that the unilateral acts of Town Clerk are tarnishing the reputation of the entire council, this being particularly troubling since the matter has neither been discussed nor voted on by the full council.

To be clear, neither the Town Clerk’s appeal of the court order nor the decision to destroy the park and use it for housing was ever discussed with the full council and sanctioned by the same. I also wish to say that not only do I intend to comply with the court order but that I do not want to be cited for contempt of court. Moreover, I am aware that there is a discussion among counsel for the Bel Air Park residents about the possibility of lodging a criminal complaint under the provisions of the State Asset Recovery Act, which defines state assets to include municipal property.  I would like to make it clear to the public that I did not know of and do not approve the Town Clerk’s action to appropriate the playground for housing for himself and senior City Hall officials.

Yours faithfully,
Lionel Jaikaran
Deputy Mayor
Municipality of Georgetown

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