Something is wrong with the Essequibo land lines

Dear Editor,

For the past three weeks I have no dial tone on my land line phone 771-4256. Every time I try to call my office in Georgetown a voice comes on saying, “You cannot reach this number” or that the phone is out of order. When I use my cell phone to call these same numbers I get through. I get the impression that GTT is trying to make money on their cell calls which are more expensive, or their cards. Every time I call the complaints desk at Anna Regina, I have to use my cell phone. The clerk will take her time when she answers my cell phone. She will tell me to wait until she gets on to the technicians. I suspect it’s a tactic to eat out my GTT cell phone money. It will be 15-20 minutes before she will tell me that the message has been passed on. In the past when I had to use my cell phone to reach head office my money was refunded into my phone.

Something is terribly wrong with these line phones on the Essequibo Coast; it has been happening for decades and no one seems to get it right. If you have an emergency call to make to the fire department, for example, a voice will come on from GTT saying that you cannot reach the other end. Sometimes you cannot make any calls for the month but your bill has a large amount for you to pay. I don’t know where these charges are coming from and if you don’t pay them GTT will disconnect the phone and you have to pay an additional fee to have it reconnected.

This is so wrong and I wish that someone in GTT could look into it as early as possible. Most of my family are living overseas and I have to communicate with them almost daily.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Kha

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