Policies of former PNC are now out of place

Dear Editor,

President Granger seems to be bent on resurrecting many of the programmes introduced by the former President Forbes Burnham. Recently, we saw the revival of the Guyana People’s Militia (GPM). I do not decry such a venture provided it serves as an economic boost and not a burden. We can scarcely afford any economic hindrance or setback in our stagnant economy. A benefit that springs to my mind through the GPM is the promotion of discipline and orderliness which is lacking tremendously in our society. However, it is troubling that one of the essential services, electricity, is frequently withdrawn ad nauseam.

Since the 1970s and during Burnham’s reign, Guyanese experienced blackouts for long periods almost on a daily basis. We have had an occasional power failure during the not too distant PPP/C rule. However, we can say that it is no comparison with the frequency we have been having them since the leadership of this present administration. A government which cannot provide an essential service such as electricity, which comes to citizens at a cost (which should be enough for a reliable supply), leaves one then thinking that the only problem would be gross mismanagement, theft or both. To know that Guyana was experiencing these power outages over 40 years ago, should leave us in a state of depression and anxiety. We are in the 21st century, many decades after electricity was invented. We are in a country endowed with resources which we could use to provide alternative sources of energy (which will probably be said to be useless now with the advent of oil production). However, with the amount of our major natural resouces, we undoubtedly should be enjoying “The Good Life.” A consistent electricity supply would lure investors and make it easier for our small local investors to grow. Ministers of the government and most, if not all of the top governmental officials, undoubtedly have an uninterrupted electricity supply through their backup generators or inverters.

Please don’t be misled into thinking this is a campaign attempt to promote the PPP/C, as that might be going from the frying pan into the fire. Let’s see the attempts of Mr Ramon Gaskin and others at creating another party which might motivate our present administration to improve their performance. Hopefully, it’s not too late. The best selection might be a government of technocrats, if we can source them.

How much longer will “The Small Man” (the masses) continue to bear the disregard and callousness of policies that now mirror those of the former PNC party and are now out of place?

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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