The crime wave must be dealt with in time for Mash

Dear Editor,

With the upcoming Mash season and its importance to the economy, no time must be wasted in putting a stop to the crime wave taking place. If not properly nipped in the bud it will damage the livelihoods of many small businesses and their communities, as Mash season is extremely important to the income of many families and sets the tone for the economy throughout the year.

It’s time for the police to have a strong presence on the roads as well as establishing checkpoints. No opportunity to manoeuvre or room for escape should be allowed these criminals. They are showing an utter lack of concern for the power of the justice system and the strength of the police and military in this country. It’s time for zero tolerance for these offenders. President Granger is a pillar in the armed forces and these criminals should feel the heavy hand of justice upon them as soon as possible. All deportees should be rounded up and made to check in with the relevant authorities as well as those on parole as required by the court. No further gaps in the follow-ups with criminal elements should be tolerated and the strength of public involvement should be encouraged even more. The country is too small for these criminals to be able to get away with such heinous acts for that length of time.

Yours faithfully,

Jamil Changlee

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