Guyoil needs to recruit a competent CEO

Dear Editor,

The inability of the Guyana Oil Company Limited to effectively attract and retain a competent Chief Executive Officer is astounding. Within the short space of eighteen months, I have seen at least three vacancy advertisements in the newspapers for the post of CEO for the state owned entity.

I write this letter with grave concern because while the entire country is focused on the oil and gas industry, persons in government fail to realize that Guyoil may be able to play some role in this industry as it is already a downstream player. The inability of the company to attract and retain a CEO that can navigate the entity into the future of oil and gas is worrisome but also indicative of larger issues of strategic direction in the country and from the government.

It was not so long ago rumoured that a former CEO of GBTI would take up the post, however, this never came to fruition. Currently, Mrs Shaundell Brotherson, a former member of the board of Guyoil and former Analyst at the Ministry of Finance, is performing the duties of CEO.

It is with a great flourish that GPL recently announced its recruitment of CEO Albert Gordon from Jamaica. Mr Gordon boasts industry specific knowledge which I do expect will transform the energy sector in Guyana. Do I dare challenge Guyoil to aim for the same or at least someone similar?

Yours faithfully,

K Rampersaud

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