Calypso lyrics

Dear Editor,

A February 9th  letter in Stabroek News `Lyrics of Junior Calypso Monarch were vulgar’ and elsewhere, covering the Junior Calypso Competition, cited  some examples of “vulgarity” in one of the songs.  In a general So It Go column in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek on the decline of calypso I referred to the controversy by saying that the words quoted in the letter tell me that it was simply not a very good song, and I stand by that appraisal.  However,  I have now been informed by Burchmore Simon, the writer of the song, that the words quoted by the letter writer are incorrect and have unfairly created the wrong impression with me and with others. While I apologise for the remark it was based on my accepting the letter as true.

Yours faithfully,

Dave Martins