Did the new GPL CEO come with new generators?

Dear Editor,

I write with great disgust and terrible disappointment about the operations of the Guyana Power & Light Incorporated. Although this is nothing new to the populace, we would have thought with almost 10 years of black-outs, any government would have taken a serious look at the power plants and do something to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

Why do we have to suffer like this in our homes, our schools, our offices and shops, as well as provide a means for bandits to operate at night? Do you think ministers of government, big boys with money and special generating sets care about the small man? Not at all. The greatest black-outs occurred on the first day the new CEO took over; what a calamity.

Over the past two weeks beginning from the Friday the new man was employed, we have had black-outs nearly 3-4 times per day, and as I write today, Monday 12th February, the black-out started two hours ago and I am not expecting lights in a hurry. Let me ask what can this new CEO do with all his qualifications; did he walk with new generators for us?

Editor, can I make a suggestion? With all this talk of the expectation of billions of dollars from oil revenue, couldn’t we ask the following countries to lend us money to purchase new generators: either UK, Germany, Belgium or Japan, and promise to pay them back with interest from our expected revenue? If I am talking sense, then the government should please act now and return GPL to Guyanese management, and let there be light.

Yours faithfully,

S M V Nasseer

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