Earlier letter was intended as encouragement

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr E B John’s letter in yesterday’s edition of SN (Feb 13) captioned ‘National Personnel Officers Association started ‘Breakfast Sessions’, which made reference to mine of the  February 3. That letter apparently rubbed Mr John the wrong way in that he thought that I was incorrectly giving credit to the great Mr Davis for his role in starting the Guyana Institute of Management (GIM) instead of congratulating him and Mr Khan, who apparently “raised a motion” to have the said GIM started. Obviously, anyone could have raised any number of such motions, but it needed and took the wise, brave and action-oriented Harold Barrington Davis Sr, to put such motions into practical action from which so very many Guyanese and Guyana benefited. Let’s give Jack his jacket, as we say in Guyana!

My earlier letter to which Mr John made reference was intended to encourage people like him and my other good friends currently in the HRM function to play the kind of leadership role that our boss, Mr H B Davis, played when he headed the HRM function not only in the Booker Sugar Estates but also during the initial GuySuCo period.

May I again appeal for some leadership action by my friends in the current HRM function to initiate actions that would raise the profile of the critical HRM function especially in our current Guyana, beset as it is by new challenges such as the advent of our oil and gas industry.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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