The religious communities do not support gambling

Dear Editor,

I noticed in the media that the Surinamese investor had pulled out their gaming machines from the Sleep In casino. This surprised most of us, since it gave the impression that the casino was on the verge of opening despite the protests from our religious community and others.

There are about 100,000 Muslim voters within Guyana, and many hundred thousands more from the Christian and Hindu communities, most of whom do not support gambling, especially near to so many churches and a stone’s throw away from the Fatima Church and especially the Queenstown Masjid whose members are opposed to the practice.

A good number of young people have gone and so many crimes are prevalent, several due to some of the movies we have been seeing, and if we are to allow more it would make our society worse. The government should stop this Church Street gambling now. What do the bishops, priests and pandits of other faiths have to say?

It is over to President David Granger, who as a religious man should tell us where he stands.

Yours faithfully,

S M V Nasseer

For the Queenstown Masjid

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