The coalition is doing whatever suits their fancy

Dear Editor,

This PNC-led coalition administration is making clear their intention to do whatever suits their fancy as policy.  Consider some of their policy positions and outcomes:

1. Vat on basic items that increase the hardship for pensioners and the majority of workers;

2. no jobs for youths, university graduates and school leavers;

3. continued disregard for workers’ unions seeking to address their members’ welfare issues;

4. increasing incidence of crime and robberies, although our police seem to think otherwise;

5. Guyana being taken for a ride by oil companies which cause us to potentially lose billions of foreign currency receipts as our natural resources are farmed out to be plundered;

6. sugar workers being thrown out of work and given a run-around to collect their severance;

7. more sugar workers likely to be retrenched by 2020, in an already difficult economic environment;

8. expected lower foreign currency earnings, and higher anticipated exchange rates;

9. slowing economic activity as many small businesses feel the pinch;

10. activities of the people in the M&CC being condoned by the coalition as they continue messing up management at the council;

11. little effort toward establishing a framework for dialogue with the private sector to collaborate on employment creation initiatives;

12. the coalition not listening to public opinion and intent on making life much harder;

13. Guyana heading downhill at an increasing rate as our government ministers enjoy their 50% increase and lavish lifestyles while telling us about the good life. Have we heard about any signs of discontent from them?

What more can Guyanese expect? We can look forward to a new government.

Yours faithfully,

Craig Sylvester

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