Why is New Amsterdam Multilateral being attacked?

Dear Editor

My heart bleeds for my old school, New Amsterdam Multilateral, and the attack that has been launched against the image of this noble institution. What is even more sad is that there is a concerted effort to tarnish the image of one of the teachers who is generally considered the pillar of the structure. The silence from those who know differently is too loud for comfort. Letters have reached every continent of the planet, and it is bad. What is the objective of the letter writers? I have the feeling that it is one group. But I have assigned two ex-students to launch an investigation and we will have a full report with the whole truth soon.

The teacher who is being attacked is someone with a level of intelligence which has caused some persons to feel that she should have left Multi a long time ago and made a bigger contribution to national development. For years persons who visit assumed that she was the Head because of her way of operating. This teacher, I am told, ensures that her students are given the best opportunities for learning and puts their interest first.  Children of the leading officers in the Regional Democratic Council all attended the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, some recently. Why are these accusations only being made now? There are schools in Region 6 that have more serious issues than Multi and they are not in the news.

Right thinking folks and ex-students need to examine why there is such a determination to publicly destroy this school. We have to get involved in some damage control now. The time to act is now. Let the truth come out.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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