Government has turned its back on those living in Alliance Road, Timehri

Dear Editor,

It is my belief that the government has turned its back on residents living in the Alliance area, Timehri, East Bank Demerara. Schoolchildren, the sick, the old, the pregnant, and every person using that road experiences a nightmare going in and out. Only the big shots whose bush-trucks damage the road can go in and out without much headache. And they are the people who break up the road and do not care about others. They are the Alliance Road Millionnaires.

From time to time some grading is done on the road, but it becomes slush soon after. And the big shot truck-owners do not even help by helping to fill the craters.The previous administration paid their friends to throw loam on the road, which was washed away with the next shower. The same nonsense continues. We doubt whether Minister Patterson ever heard about Alliance Road, Timehri. For starters, he can send a team in to inspect it. Better yet, he can try to go through the road with his SUV.

The residents are respectfully begging the media to highlight our plight so that some lasting remedy can be found for Alliance Road, Timehri.

Yours faithfully,

Charles Selman

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