Comparison of Guyana, Ghana contracts should be done with extreme caution

Dear Editor,

I have read most of the opinions in the national press regarding the ExxonMobil contract. Like many issues in Guyana, a lot of the opinions and debates are devoid of facts. I would recommend the stakeholders, politicians, and interested parties, invest about 2 hours to watch the documentary, Big Men (available on Amazon and Netflix). The Ghanaian circumstances are very different than Guyana’s; thus, comparison of the two contracts should be done with extreme caution and caveats.

An important aspect of the documentary is the emphasis by key Ghanaian ministers on ensuring that the benefits of the oil industry improve the lives of the citizenry in sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, etc. It foreshadows where Guyana can find itself if the appropriate controls and systems are not put in place. It’s worth watching and the time is now.

Yours faithfully,

Gairy Moore, CPA

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