Why was Jumo not there during the Float Parade?

Dear Editor,

Where was Jumo during the Mash Guyana 2018 Float Parade? A short while ago I was informed that Jumo had a new tune out – ‘Harder’ ‒ and from the first viewing of the video, it was a knock- out. Hands down, he is about the best to date when it comes to power soca tunes, and I am a fan of his music. With a new tune out on the market, my expectation was that Jumo would have been present and used the Mashramani 2018 event as a platform to promote his music since he usually is with the Digicel Band.

However, the other shock was to learn that Digicel did not register for Mash 2018. Is Jumo tied to a binding contract with Digicel and perhaps that was the reason he was not present? Is the Mash event no longer the ideal platform to promote one’s music? Or perhaps there would have been a conflict of music between the 2018 Soca Monarch, Brandon Harding and Jumo.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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