There will be no full-blown celebrations until Mash is given back its original route

Dear Editor,

First and foremost, I ventured out to witness the Guyana Mash celebrations of 2018 to capture my ‘Kodak Moments’, and my first point of placement was the National Park, because I am almost certain that I had heard the float parade was starting from that point. However, I was informed that the starting point was at Thomas Lands and Camp Road. If I am correct, it got started after 11 am instead of 10 am. Well, that’s a norm for most events in Guyana.

My first impression and my personal belief was that it was a dead zone. I was expecting persons in the hundreds taking up spots on the lawns of the National Park and the roadways but this was not evident. The persons I saw were like a few raindrops in the Atlantic Ocean.

I say with absolutely no apology that until Mash is given back its original route of Church Street then we will not have the full-blown Mash celebrations as they should be and used to be. I always remember the late President Hoyte and former First Lady sitting on the balcony of their home enjoying the Mash Parade and waving to the citizens as they passed by.

I reiterate that the National Park is the original home for the Mash Parade and I appeal to the government to return that home to the general public. Perhaps they can transform the National Park and have cushioned seats for the President, government officials, diplomatic corps and implement a seating facility like the one at the Providence Stadium for the citizens.

If the government is bent on having the Mash Parade headed to the ‘Cuffy backdam,’ I will accept it, but at least return to the Church Street route and then they can turn off to the new venue. Also, if it is a case that the government insists that it doesn’t wish citizens to use the Mall on that day, they can have it locked off in some way and I am sure citizens will work on using the roadways and stand around.

I will admit that there were some quite impressive costumes in the Mash 2018, but many of the floats were a disaster. The one that blew me away was the ‘Egyptian Queen’ in her carriage. I hope that float is accredited with a prize. The other impressive scene was a Chinese national revelling on the road. That was a knock-out.

Perhaps the Chinese should be contracted to design floats for the 2019 Mash Parade.

With respect to GTT, I was totally disappointed. When I heard that GTT was hitting the road for the 2018 Mash, my first thought was that they were coming with a bang and would showcase a band with a newly added colour,  ie, orange. I don’t think orange was evident, and I wish they had contracted their independent music band rather than merging with the Pulse Music Band. Well, perhaps funding was not available.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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