We are certainly not the jokers

Dear Editor,

Concerned and patriotic citizens who have publicly condemned the unconscionable contract between the Government of Guyana and the corporate predator, ExxonMobil, have been arrogantly dismissed by certain Ministers of the APNU+AFC administration as ‘jokers’ or mere oppositionists. OVP applauds those who have the courage and willingness to speak out against this plunder of our precious natural resources by government invitation. We are certainly not the jokers.

Many of the letters I have read in the local press from those who are supporting this ludicrous deal are written by persons already singing for their supper. I deem those persons to be the actual jokers. I will go as far as to say that any support for this contract can only be described as a pathetic and cowardly attempt to throw dust in the face of intelligent Guyanese.

While these political factotums are certainly entitled to their sordid opinions, they are unable to deny the self-evident truth based on hard facts. That truth is, that this contract is immoral, outrageous and unpatriotic.  I am eagerly waiting for any minister or leader of the APNU+AFC administration, or those in the leadership of the PPP, to dare tell the citizens of this country anything about patriotism and sovereignty. It is just more of the downright eye pass that we have seen from this government, and the previous PPP government. Their strategy of dismissing serious analysts, commentators and true patriots as ‘jokers’, mere oppositionists, people with an unrealistic worldview, etc., is wearing very thin. This type of dismissal is typical of people who are unable to challenge ideas using intellect and wisdom.

In this world gone mad, what these satraps of Empire and Corporate America once attempted to dismiss and discredit as militant and extreme, is today seen by the masses of people, in Guyana and globally, as mere common sense. And surely it is time for some common sense to prevail.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald A. Perreira

Organization for the Victory of the

People (OVP).

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