Ramjattan should reflect on his public behaviour

Dear Editor,

Minister Ramjattan now stands charged with having infected the minds of our children on national TV to serve the cause of his personal anger management crisis.  His “haul your…” comments are inappropriate from any senior public official. But what is even worse is that it appears as an act of bullyism on the media. It is important that he seriously reflect on his public behaviour and take some urgent corrective action, because today he has chosen to abuse the media; who is next ‒ the ordinary people?

He is in charge of the sector that serves to protect the people from criminal elements, but his actions run counter to that mandate.  He should be the protector, not the attacker. It is time he pulled his socks up, since it is clear that the photo-opportunity, church-going President David Granger has forgotten his moral roots over the last three years and has not chosen to correct his Minister, who is carrying out these vulgar actions. I encourage the media to stand aware and reject any further abuse from members of Mr Granger’s cabinet.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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